Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Am I the only one who wonders where truthfulness is? In every nook and cranny of the American footprint I see distruthfulness. Whether it is on Wall Street, The White House, The Congress, the media, our churches, the schools, pro sports, you name it, we see plenty of examples of distruth going on.

I suppose where you look is where you'll find it, it must be part of the American psych. What a mishmash our country really is and in all that flotsam and jetsom is that underlying distruth. We have distaste for telling the truth, the whole truth, and we would rather provide more distruth than admit distruth.

Why is it distruth? Because rather than outright lieing, people alter the truth making it distruth. We lie to ourselves, creating a false view of the world by acting as if reality doesn't always work correctly or we ignore reality's truth for wrong reasons, these are underlying distruths. But mostly we are lied at, having distruth thrown at us by our institutions.

You see distruth everywhere. In our high school history books, on some made-for-TV movie, on the news, we hear it from politicians and media "experts" and can almost smell it. The problem with the concept of general consensus in regard to information is that many times the general consensus has missed a piece of the truth or made a mistake so that the information becomes distruth. Some times the information is deliberate distruth, aka propaganda.

Do I look fat in this dress? Most of us groan a distruth in answer. Most of us will exagerate our personal information, maybe change our age, alter our weight, impress a better career, or use different numbers for salary. People will also distruth themselves, imagining a reality with a better physical appearance, or more wealth when all the facts dispute. Other people hear only what they want to hear, making distruth a filtered phenomenom. Probably most distruth is a result of lack of reliable information or not being exposed to correct information, distruth from ignorance.

Most sinister is to produce distruth to manipulate people. Those e-mails that report some misinformation or try to ellicit money has a sinister aspect to using distruth, spam scams. Even more sinister is to have a respected institution like our government purposely use distruth. Did the Bush administration use distruth about Iraq in order to justify an attack on that country?

Everywhere I look, I see distruth or at least the possibility of distruth which should be probably investigated. A professed open society needs truth to function properly. The least distruth used the better. To paraphrase what someone once said, "the distruth shall not set you free."