Monday, October 30, 2006

Another Couple of Books

I'm just finishing reading two more books from the library.

The History of the End of the World
How the most controversial book in the Bible changed the course of Western Civilization.
Jonathan Kirsch

This book is about Revelations and how so many individuals and groups through history decided that they had the secret knowledge of the coming of the prophecy and were of course proved wrong. It shows how the prediction of the end actually was for nearer Jesus' death, but that repeatedly down thorugh the centuries Revelations fever took hold. We are now in another wave of Armagedden belief led by the religious right in the United States. Once again they will have been found to have predicted wrong, the end is not near. The book is very detailed of the different cults and crazies that expected the end immediately.

Kingdom Coming
The rise of Christian nationalism.
Michelle Goldberg

This is a good book about the religious right. That makes three books on that subject that I've read recently from the library. It covers chapter by chapter the different issues and how the religious right uses money and politics to gain influence on the laws in America. From intelligent design to abortion to stem cells to prayer in school to anti-gay to etc., the list goes on, the religious right has an agenda to push.

I recommend both books.